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Kipo team was created accidentally in 2014, the worst year for llama breeding. We decided then to keep ourselves busy with multidisciplinary design.
A flat tire forced us to stop in Reggio Emilia, the place where we fell in love with mosquitos and creative consulting.
Whenever we’re asked what do we do for a living we say that we are chilli pepper instructors for the embarrassment of calling ourselves designers. Anyway, we did a heap of things we’re proud of: we climbed a hill, visited a castle, drew a llama-shaped logo, called a referendum to abrogate the fog and, more than anything else, we shook hands with Mr. Lorem Ipsum.
Kipo is a multidisciplinary design consultancy studio for human beings. And for llamas.


We think a product designer must play with his creations, that’s the reason why here at Kipo Studio so many projects become real prototypes, especially those objects that can serve as a glass for a mojito!


We think an image is worth a hundred words, but not a thousand. Too many words make us feel anxious and bad about ourselves. As we always say, if you understand what’s in the drawing, then it’s not design.


No, we’re not talking about instagramming our food — we’re talking about flash lights, fancy DSLRs and everything else you need to take proper pictures and videos of our food. Then post it on Pinterest as well.


We love SEO-friendly websites in which services and projects are convincingly advertised with numbers, charts, code lines and so on but, above everything else, we enjoy friendly websites — friendly like “human-friendly”.